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Best Bakery in San Diego

Our amazing team of passionate, talented bakers at Have A Taste Bakery and Entrees have dedicated their lives to making spirits, and dough rise. From rye bread to focaccia, cakes to brownies – whatever you require, our bakery will be able to provide. We can cater for everything from families to businesses – so whether you're a large hotel chain looking for a reliable and consistent baked good provider, or a family looking for quality bread and cakes for your growing brood – come by our shop in San Diego or give us a call at +16192544681 and talk to us today.

Bread making is an art

If you've ever seen The Great British Baking Show, you'll know that making bread is far from easy. This delicate and scientific process varies significantly from type to type – from the wet dough of focaccia to the dry, stubborn dough of rye bread – getting it just right isn't easy, so why not leave it to the experts? We have years of experience perfecting the art of bread making, and we love sharing our creations with our customers – all this at an amazing price that will leave you wanting more every time.

Batch Bakery Orders

Do you need to order a large batch of breads or pastries? Not a problem. With enough notice, we can provide bulk orders for offices, parties and events, so that everybody can enjoy our delicious products straight from the baker’s oven. To make a batch order, please call ahead with details about your order, and we’ll get right to work.


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